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Supernova 2013ej in M74

Supernova in M74 (Pisces constellation) sn2013ej.
From spectrum analysis it's a type II supernova.
In this recent century M 74 already gave birth to a few Supernovae ; 2002ap, 2003gd and now 2013ej.

Since it's discovery in JUL 25th by LOSS the weather didn't allowed me any observation until the night 28/29th. The moon was almost on top of it, I did observe on that night but the result was pretty ugly.
Below is my observation on the night 29/30th at 20130730.1583UT
For the observation made remotely I used a 12"SCT and a Sbig ST-8XME, the filter is a Custom Scientific Rc, also observed with a V filter as you can see further below.

Rc filter 6x180s median combine

V filter 3x180s median combine

Joao Gregorio