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Moon Fase


March 13, First amateur observation of the newly announced exoplanet discovery from the HAT-net Team. Hat-P-14.
This team lead by Gaspar Bakos is very active counting 14 discovery's until today.

Found the paper this morning (12th), luckily there was a transit tonight and decided to give it a try. The same happened with the Hat-P-12, I took his picture the same night the paper came out.

The luck was on my side, the weather was good and the clouds cleared for the complete observation.

I decided on a I-band filter to use on the ST8XME & 12" SCT, exposures were 90s. This is not an easy target because of its shallow depth of ~.005mag
Hat-P-14 finder

If you are interested in the data file, please email me, joao.gregorio &

Hat-P-14 lightcurve fit

Transit signature of HAT-P-14.